Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Your neck is the connection between your head and your torso. It’s the start of your spinal column and plays a unique function in your body. As you can see, your neck is strong enough to support the weight of your entire head. It’s also flexible, allowing your head to move and flex in various directions. Due to these combined features, your neck can be prone to injury. Here are some ways you can benefit from chiropractic care for neck pain.


What It Can Treat


There are many reasons why a person can experience painful conditions that can restrict the neck’s movement. A highly trained chiropractor can treat different types of neck problems, including:


  • Whiplash.

  • Facet joint pain.

  • Cervical sprain injuries.

  • Degenerative joint syndrome of the neck.

  • Cervical intervertebral disc injuries that don’t need surgery.


Most cases of neck pain are attributed to poor posture combined with worn-out joints due to age. The nature of your job can also continually put pressure on your neck and shoulders, causing neck pain.


Chiropractic Treatments for Neck Pain


Your chiropractor will use different methods as part of your treatment plan. They may use a combination of manual therapy, spinal manipulation, and other techniques to treat your condition.


  1. Manual Therapies. These generally include therapeutic massage and trigger point therapy. Your chiropractor may also use manual joint stretching and resistance techniques to help relieve neck pain.


  1. Special Spinal Manipulation. One way to restore movement in your neck joints is with cervical manipulation. Your chiropractor may also apply the direct force used in the flexion-distraction approach.


  1. Other Therapies. Another possible chiropractic neck pain treatment is inferential electrical stimulation. It’s effective in spurring your neck muscles. The use of ultrasound to treat neck stiffness is also a known method. Therapeutic exercises can be an excellent option too. It’s particularly helpful in improving the overall range of motion of a patient’s neck.


What to Expect in a Chiropractic Consultation?


During your visit with a chiropractor, expect that they will perform several exams to identify the source of your neck pain. They will ask about your current symptoms, like when you started experiencing pain. They will also determine if you tried any remedies to find relief. Physical and neurological tests will also likely be part of their diagnostic procedure. Depending on the initial findings, your chiropractor might order tests to further help with the analysis. These tests may include an X-ray, computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan, or a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test.


The scope of chiropractic care practice doesn’t include the use of medications or surgical procedures. If they diagnose a condition beyond their conservative scope, they should refer you to the appropriate medical specialist. Your chiropractor will likely contact your family doctor to coordinate the medical care you’re receiving and your chiropractic care.


With chiropractic neck adjustments, the cervical vertebrae joints in your neck can loosen up. Do you want to get rid of your neck pain with cervical manipulation? At Aktiv Integrative Chiropractic, we can assess your condition and make the right treatment plan for you. Call our office today in El Paso, Texas, at (915) 975-9094 to make an appointment.

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