5 Benefits You Get When You Use NormaTec Compression Boots

5 Benefits You Get When You Use NormaTec Compression Boots

5 Benefits You Get When You Use NormaTec Compression Boots

5 Benefits You Get When You Use NormaTec Compression Boots

Recovering well after an injury can help you regain your level of performance before the injury. You need enough time to heal your body and mind. According to the American Chiropractic Association, using helpful tools like compression boots can help quicken your healing. Below are the benefits that you should expect when you use NormaTec compression boots.


1. Shortens Healing Time


Reducing the swelling and tension in the injured area can help shorten your recovery period. This is one of the benefits you can get from NormaTec compression boots. A shorter recovery time can help you do more with your rest period. You can keep using these compression boots to extend your workout time after your full recovery. These boots lower the oxidative stress in your muscles as you rest from your resistance training.


2. Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion


Performing different types of activities needs excellent ROM (range of motion). An injury can impair your movements. NormaTec compression boots increase the quality of your leg muscle recovery. Good healing can help you regain your ROM right away. This can enhance your confidence in getting back to your routine.


3. Improves Circulation


A significant leg or foot injury can prevent proper blood circulation. This can trigger the development of different health issues. NormaTec compression boots can improve your circulation. Your injured areas can receive enough nutrients and oxygen for tissue repair. This can speed up your healing and enhance your general well-being.


4. Reduces Water Retention and Swelling


NormaTec compression boots can prevent the injured area from retaining water. Compressing the area keeps excess liquid away. This keeps the swelling down. The injured tissues can then stabilize and repair faster.


5. Reduces Pain Sensitivity


A foot or leg injury can be painful because of the damaged tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. The injured area tends to be sensitive to touch. Wearing NormaTec compression boots can reduce pain sensitivity. This allows you to focus on your therapy and recovery.


Why People Use NormaTec Compression Boots


These compression boots can help different people with different needs. Talking to your doctor about using NormaTec compression boots can help you reach your health goals faster. Here are some of the reasons for using these boots:


  • To freshen the legs. Crossfitters, cyclists, runners, or swimmers can use these compression boots before a race or event.

  • To reduce fluid buildup. Pregnant women in their third trimester often need to decrease the fluid collecting in their legs.

  • To increase circulation in the legs. People who have desk jobs need to lower the fluid buildup in their legs.

  • To relieve foot or leg pain. Those who stand or walk all day need relief from muscle strain. Athletes who have sore legs from training can also wear NormaTec compression boots for relief.


NormaTec compression boots can help you regain a healthier body and well-being. At Aktiv Integrative Chiropractic, we guide our patients whenever they use our therapy tools.


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