Long-term Benefits of Routine Massage Therapy

Long-term Benefits of Routine Massage Therapy

Long-term Benefits of Routine Massage Therapy

Long-term Benefits of Routine Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been in use for thousands of years. If you want to get a massage today, you have many choices available to you. All of them are uniquely characterized by momentum, pressure, and technique. This may leave you wanting a massage after another. Massage therapy has numerous benefits, and forming a routine can end up giving you long-term benefits.



What Is Massage Therapy?


Massage therapy is the process where a trained, certified medical professional manipulates your connective tissue, skin, tendon, ligaments, and muscles by using varying degrees of movement and pressure.


Are There Immediate Benefits of Massage Therapy?


You will notice a change after your first massage appointment. Most people notice feeling energized and relaxed after the massage therapy. Chiropractors target and work on knotted and tight muscles. This helps loosen them up, resulting in reduced pain and improvement in blood flow. 


You will also experience a lowering of stress levels and anxiety right after your first massage. When you are stressed, your body subconsciously reacts by tensing up your muscles, resulting in discomfort and more stress.


How Often Can You Go for Massage Therapy?


The beauty of bodywork is that occasional massages work well for giving yourself a treat, relieving body aches, stress, or discomfort. Scheduling regular massage therapy is good for your body and your general health. Better still, regular massages can contribute to long-term results to people who are either concerned about their well-being or have ongoing muscle-related pain.


Long-term Benefits of Routine Massage Therapy


Budgeting your time and money for consistent massage therapy is an investment with benefits, such as:


  • Flexibility


Your whole-body muscles can receive blood flow; hence, your body will have a full range of motions. Your movement becomes pain-free even as you age.


  • Proactive Stress Relief


Checking in regularly for a massage helps give proactive stress relief. Stress is relieved by coming in before the tensions of life build back up again.

  • Therapy Is Tailored to Your Body's Needs


Routine massages enable therapists to tailor their massage techniques according to your body needs. They get to understand your body and what works best for it. This, in turn, gives your entire body the health benefits it requires.


  • Heals Chronic Headaches and Improves Your Sleep


Some studies show that massages can reduce the number of migraines an individual may have. The relaxing effect of massages also improves your quality of sleep.


  • Reduces Depression


Regular massages help reduce depression. When the body muscles occasionally relax, your mind will receive a calming environment that will help in improving your mental health.


The Risks of Massage Therapy


Routine therapy is beneficial for most people. However, massage therapy may not be appropriate for people with: 


  • Bleeding disorders. 

  • Broken bones. 

  • Severe thrombocytopenia.

  • Infections. 

  • Severe osteoporosis.

  • Healing wounds.

  • Burns.

  • Deep vein thrombosis. 


It is also vital to seek your doctor's opinion before starting massage therapy if you are pregnant or a cancer patient.


Brush aside the thought that massage is just for pampering yourself or making yourself feel good. On the contrary, massage therapies are powerful tools to enable you to take charge of your long-term health and well-being. 


For more on the long-term benefits of routine massage therapy, visit Aktiv Integrative Chiropractic at our office in El Paso, Texas. You can call (915) 975-9094 today to schedule an appointment.

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